Does Drinking Water After Drinking Coffee Reduce Staining?

drinking water reduce coffee stainingCoffee is one of the most consumed drinks the world over. In fact, most Americans drink multiple cups of coffee throughout the day to both help them stay sharp and productive. They are also quite popular on the social scene once again. Coffee is filled with lots of nutrients, such as manganese, potassium, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, niacin, and magnesium.

Although it has all this working for it, it does have a significant disadvantage; it’s loaded with tannins, which do stain the teeth a lot. To prevent this, people have discovered ways to keep their teeth as white as possible for the longest time.


Water is a necessity for most living things to survive. In this case, it might be the difference between retaining pearly white teeth and getting brown teeth. Water in itself is a cleansing agent. When you rinse your mouth thoroughly after a cup of coffee, you ensure that these tannins are washed off. Since these tannins stick to the teeth depending on how long they have been left there, rinsing the mouth right after your cup of coffee should wash all that down.

Fluoride In Water

In treated water, one of the active ingredients is usually fluoride. This particular substance is placed in the water to assist in helping prevent tooth decay. When you drink water, especially fluoridated water, you not only ensure that the discoloring agents in the coffee are eliminated, but also ensure that you retain strong, healthy teeth. Since our teeth are lined with living material, they can absorb the mineral from the water and thereby strengthening them. As such, you get double the advantage and also retain your gorgeous smile.

Since coffee is such a beloved drink, quitting it is often not even a question. Therefore, the only choice remains consuming the beverage and to do what you can to retain your smile. By doing the above, you can improve the odds that you’ll get to keep your stain-free teeth perfect. If you need to discuss this with us further or about other lifestyle options and how they affect your teeth, feel free to visit us today; we’ll make sure you leave completely satisfied.

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