Hate the Sound of the Drill?

sound of the drillNo More Needles, No More Drill

We have virtually eliminated the needle, drill, noise and vibration from our practice by acquiring and using the new and powerful Solea Laser.

We Use the Newest Dental Technology to Keep you Happy

Solea’s innovative technology lets Dr. Van operate in an entirely new way. By eliminating the needle, drill, and noise from routine procedures, our patient’s experience has evolved to be dread-free. Dr. Van has found he is performing 95% of hard and soft tissue procedures completely anesthesia-free.

What this Means for our Patients

Anesthesia and drill-free dentistry enables a major leap in time savings and comfort for our patients. If you should need a filling, Dr. Van can fill cavities the same day as a hygiene visit and on multiple teeth in different quadrants of your mouth! You won’t leave the office with the fat lip feeling and you won’t have to schedule a lengthy appointment at another time. You will benefit from pain-free dentistry delivered in a fraction of the time.

Want to See the Laser?

Just ask next time you are in the office. Dr. Van loves to show off his newest dental technology.

Call Us!

Or, call us to schedule your next appointment and know you may never have to experience the needle and drill again!

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