Recovery from Surgery for Dental Implants

surgery for dental implantsDr. John Van proudly serves patients in and around Mountain View, offering advanced dental care that addresses cosmetic problems as well as major dental health issues. One of the best solutions for missing teeth is dental implants, which are artificial tooth roots surgically placed into the patient’s jawbone and gum tissue. Dr. Van has the highest level of certification for placing dental implants, and is able to perform the oral surgery himself as well as craft the implant restorations. This simplifies the dental implants process immensely.

We’d like to use this blog post to consider the recovery process for dental implants surgery. Dr. Van can provide you with more detailed information on these matters during the consultation process.

What to Expect Immediately Following Oral Surgery

Immediately after oral surgery, it is not uncommon for people to feel groggy, tired, sore, and nauseous. This is part of coming up from anesthesia, and it’s perfectly normal. Patients should rest after surgery, ideally with their backs propped up by a few pillows rather than on their side or flat on their backs.

In the days ahead, patients will notice issues with soreness and discomfort as well as swelling around the mouth and cheek area. This can be properly managed by taking recommended pain medications and using cold compresses as directed.

Activities to Avoid After Dental Implants Surgery

After undergoing dental implants surgery, patients should avoid strenuous physical activities for a day or so, focusing on resting and relaxing. Using a drinking straw should be avoided for a few weeks since the suction created by the use of a straw can undo stitches and affect blood clots that need to remain in place for proper healing.

Smoking and chewing tobacco needs to be avoided for the next few months after the surgery has been performed. Tobacco products can lead to increased chances of gum disease and gum recession. In order to ensure proper healing with as few complications as possible, it’s important that patients do their best to quit smoking and tobacco products leading into the oral surgery.

Consuming alcoholic beverages should also be avoided for a few weeks in order to ensure that patients heal properly and avoid any potential complications.

Diet Recommendations After Dental Implants Surgery

Following dental implants surgery, patients will notice that their teeth and gums will be very tender and sensitive. It’s important that patients spend the first few days after their oral surgery eating foods that are soft and do not require much chewing. Room temperature foods are ideal since these will not trigger any major sensitivity to hot or cold. When possible, patients should keep food away from the area of the mouth that the surgery was performed. This limits discomfort and sensitivity.

Patients can slowly reincorporate solid foods into their diet so long as they do so conservatively. It’s also important that patients avoid foods that are crunchy or have crumbs until they are properly healed to avoid having bits of food affect the healing incision sites.

The Process of Osseointegration

During the healing process, it’s important that osseointegration takes place. This means that the dental implants will fuse with a patient’s own gum tissue and jawbone structure. Only when osseointegration has occurred will a patient’s dental implants be ready to support a restoration.

Attend All Follow-Up Visits with Your Dentist and Oral Surgeon

During the recovery process, patients will have multiple follow-up visits with Dr. Van to determine the progress of healing and the overall success of the oral surgery. Patients should attend all of these as scheduled and should also feel free to contact Dr. Van and his team in case they have an urgent concern to be addressed.

How long does healing take?

In general, healing and osseointegration will take a few months, and this can vary a fair amount based on the patient’s case. Dr. Van will be able to answer these matters during the consultation process and provide updates on your treatment time during each follow-up visit.

Learn More About Implant Dentistry

If you would like more information about dental implants and how they can help you address issues with missing teeth, it’s important that you contact us today. Dr. Van and the entire team here will work with you so that your smile is healthy and looks its very best.

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