Times Where Dental Bonding is a Great Option

dental bondingDental bonding is a great option and often times a less expensive option for those who do not have insurance that needs certain types of procedures done. Although bonding is technically considered cosmetic, the treatment is becoming more and more popular option of care. Bonding is suitable and used to help correct such conditions as mild to moderate chips and/or cracks, small or irregular shaped teeth, discoloration in teeth, staining in teeth, spacing issues between teeth.

Bonding treatments are usually fairly quick and easy with the treatments taking less than an hour so, typically a one-hour visit is all that would need to be scheduled, multiple visits are not generally required. Bonding provides in most cases instant results. Unlike most other procedures that may take weeks or months for results, bonding results, are immediately seen after the procedure.

The typical cost of a bonding procedure is generally between $100-$400 per tooth, making it one of the least expensive cosmetic procedures available.

One of the greatest advantages of dental bonding is that there is virtually no pain for the patient whatsoever.

Bonding And Veneers

It is important to remember that there is a big difference between dental bonding and veneers. Dental bonding is a molding of material onto the tooth to change the appearance of the tooth and veneers are porcelain shell(s) that are placed over the tooth or teeth. Both procedures certainly cover your teeth and improve your smile. But there are several differences to consider before committing to either one. Dental bonding, certainly, without a doubt is the cheaper option, costing only a fraction of the cost of veneers, but the cost is not your only consideration.

There are considerations of preparation, durability, versatility, staining, and then not to mention there is also the option of Invisalign. We encourage you to give us a call and come in and talk to us about which option is not just the best option for your wallet, but what will be the best option for your teeth as well. We have all the information on all the different options and can help you make an informed decision you will feel comfortable about for years to come.

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